Who we are

The founder and inventor of D!NG Bike Lights  Des Burns, a product designer whom runs his design business Design Brains in Adelaide, South Australia. (see link below)


With over 25 years of professional experience in all things product design. Des has picked up several international design awards for products and some of those have been in the LED lighting design space.

As well as this Des is an avid cyclist, and after too many close calls with motorists decided to design a better bike light. Both he and his wife started DING from their workshop in Adelaide making prototypes for just friends, it grew from there and went global through a successful crowd funding campaign in 2015. 



Our mission is simple—to be the brand of choice for discerning riders. Founded on safer riding and fuelled by innovation, our focus is on the rider and their needs, this is our mission.



We believe that safer bike products have the power to change lives. This simple truth drives us to be and do better. The passion we have for sharing our love of bikes with the world can be seen in those who choose to work with us, and the people and groups we partner with.


At DING we believe in thinking differently, and doing what we love. We believe we have challenged the status quo, by developing a new way in bike lighting, that offers the best illumination for safer riding. We are a small but dedicated team, that has drive and passion to make great bike products from Adelaide, South Australia. 



To think different, you need to take risks, it is better to fail trying, then not try at all. DING is an adventure taking us to new places and new situations. We are constantly learning and will develop our brand based on the experiences and feedback from our customers.



We are new to the cycling world and appreciate all our backers who have helped us bring our ideas and products to market. We endeavour to serve and will keep our customers central in all that we do.





         Be Safe, Be Seen , GO DING…..