DING Technical

DING FL1 is simple to use and own with only one GO DING button to control its awesomeness. The DING FL1 has a large rechargeable battery providing up to 20 hours of light. DING FL1 is easy to recharge with a rear micro USB battery charging port, protected by a rubber plug seal on the back off the light.

There are several ways to mount the DING FL1 and these are covered in detail in our user manual (see link below). The materials used in DING FL1 construction are of the highest grade. Stylish and compact the DING weighs in at only 170 grams.

The DING FL1 is also small in size. At only 85mm long, 55mm wide and 50mm deep its compact size will fit on most rides with the universal mounting kit options that's included in our reusable tins.


 Our optical development focus was to use the lumen in the best way possible for everyday safer riding, no beam hot spots, and light just where you need it. We have designed the optical system to get the best use of the available light and provide good safe beam patterns for the rider and other road users.

The forward beam on at 100% power provides over 600 of Raw Lumens of both spot and wide beam in a combination that gives great forward viewing at night. The downward beam provides an additional 200 of Raw Lumens spread and dispersed wide across the ground beneath you. The 3 metre by 1.5 metre  ground beam is your light shield of protection. 

The DING FL1, has nine different light modes to choose from, split into four groups:

 Forward Only (modes: 1,2 & 3)

Dual Beam (modes: 4,5,6)

Flash Patterns (modes: (3 Forward only),7,8,9)

Auto-Limp mode 10 (Low battery indication) 15 min of pulsing forward beam only



The in-built thermal circuit management will protect the LEDs from overheating, automatic LED dimming will occur if they get too hot.  Please only use modes 1 & 4 whilst riding to allow air to pass over the front Aluminium heat sink bezel.