Struck Gold in Bendigo!

Nervous Start....

Well it was a long road trip from Adelaide to Bendigo, as usual we were running late and ended up driving all night, not getting into Bendigo until 3:00am. Happy to see the landlord of the motel not too upset, getting him out of bed to let us in. We were up at 8:00am to get our gear set up in the magnificent historic Bendigo Town Hall.

Once we had set up and had a few strong coffees we were  good to go. Our first show sale came at 9:00 am a lady was waiting for us to set up, we thought she was a health and safety officer from the council watching up put our stall up in the safest way... But no she was Helen a lawyer and a keen rider from Kangaroo flat, she came especially to see and buy a DING. Thanks Helen for your great support.

We had a steady stream of customers all day and a lot of interest overall, which was fantastic and not expected.  It was a long first day, the Friday event lasted up until 8pm we got a lot of late interest and sales as we were packing up which topped of the day and made the tiredness fade away.

It was great to mingle with the other inventors and business stalls; it was a good turnout. Some great new innovation were on show. We particularly liked the RearViz mirror product to help you see what's up behind you. Well down to the REARVIZ girls from Brisbane, a good safety product for us riders. Also Cycleport, a smart bike park docking scheme was also a standout design.

The weather on the Saturday was awesome for the day outside on the green, in front of the Town Hall. Apart from me getting swallowed whole by our new marquee as we tried to assemble it, all was good and very busy, lots of interest. The bright sunny weather is not the best environment to be demonstrating bike lights, but I would not have had it any other way...after the wet spring we had in Adelaide. 

We managed to hand out a good number of DING Balloons for the Bendigo kids and again we had great support from the many riders of Bendigo, selling over 30 lights just on that Saturday. We soon found out that Bendigo has a great riders community. We had customers on the friday, telling their friends about DING and they turned up on the Saturday to see us, brilliant. 



A big shout out goes to the Bicycle Centre Bendigo whom we signed up for DING distribution for Bendigo, thanks to Owner: Brad Steigenberger for his support. We wish him and his team all the best with our products.


Great Finish...

The final day ended with the prize draws which DING provided some giveaway DING FL1 lights for the raffle. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. we will take away from bendigo some good memories, a special big thank you goes out to Chris Rowlands and Robert Kretschmer, pivotal guys in the show set up and for us being there, cheers. 


Thank you Bendigo 


  • Peter Culley

    Hi Guys, just a quick message to say well done on your light: a quality product. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and may 2017 be a great year for DING. I love the light, get lots of interest from other riders, you should do well with this, there is nothing like it. Ps you should have a customer feedback section on your site, I could not find anywhere else to leave a message?… go ding!

  • Jason Taylor

    Hi DING, I too bought a light online after missing out at the show, it arrived in 3 days after order, sweet. It is a great quality product and performs great. I actually use it on dark cycle paths, through woodland and parks, I do not like riding through traffic much, always try to avoid it.

    The downward beam really lights up the full width of the gravel track below and gives me more confidence on the faster downhill sections, The forward beam on full is super bright, with both beams on together it is a great for mountain bike riding, see down and around the bike is a big bonus for off road riding. I think you should promote it for this type of riding and not just road bikes…. you should (will) get a lot sales from us mountain bikers, it’s a great off road light too. Well done.

    My only gripe with the light is that it has too many lighting modes, 9 is a bit much.

  • Helen Smith

    I wish you all the best with DING, great to meet you both in Bendigo. The light is much brighter then any light I have had before, it’s amazingly bright and has a nice forward pattern. The light on the ground gets a lot of attention, motorists do give me more space, and other riders ask where did you get that! LOL

  • Chris Bowden

    Its great to see a small innovation business punch above its weight, very professional, Loving the lights it’s fantastic quality and not like anything else I have owned. I wish you all the best next year, I will look out for the rear light design you showed me. See you at next year’s show!

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