Be Safe, Be Seen, Go D!NG

When was the last time you saw something for the first time?

When was the last time you saw something for the first time?

DING provides a safer riding experience at night, with exceptional forward beam illumination and additional downward beam illumination: Innovation and precision within the one light. Be sighted better by all other road users with DING. Light up your path ahead and the terrain below and to the sides of your ride at the same time. The two beams work together, providing a vastly improved light offering than other premium bike lights. Be safe and be seen, with DING.

Serious Lighting Innovation in a compact package

Serious Lighting Innovation in a compact package

Bespoke optic design provides DING with a balanced proportion of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path far ahead. The secondary downward optic design spreads out an additional 200 lumens of light into a clean rectangle non-glare pattern 3m wide by 1.5m deep, providing you with your very own light shield. Our patented bike light is a world first and we are proud to bring it to market, from Adelaide,South Australia. Recent winner in the Good Design Awards 2017.

2017 Good Design Awards
We have come along way to make the best bike light

We have come along way to make the best bike light

To truly redesign the bike light, we had to truly understand cyclist wants and needs and their riding safety. We listened and researched, developed and tested and developed some more. Every improvement came through iteration and many riders feedback. Prototype followed prototype: 35 in all. With over 300 hours of road testing, 3,500 hours of design time, DING has come a long way. We started with the problem and then found a better way for riding safer.

Kickstarter DING


  • A DING moment of an idea

    DING FL1 was an idea born from the founder having too many close calls with motorists. The idea of making a light that improved visibility from all angles for the rider was the key driver. It is not a matter of having more light (lumens) is what you do with its that matters. Having two separate light zones within the one light that did different things made perfect sense, and that was the DING! moment.

  • Idea to a product

    Developed in Adelaide, South Australia, DING was raised in a town that loves cycling, we have the weather, some great cycle paths and beach trails, plus the international “Tour Down Under”, but like everywhere else in the world we have some motorists who don’t give a hoot about cyclists or their safety. It is the perfect place to develop the DING idea into a working product, so we did just that.

  • Putting it all together

    Thinking outside of the box has its problems, especially if it has not been done before. The development path to have two different light zones within one light took some working out, but we never gave up. With prototypes given to friends to test and provide feedback we were happy we were onto something good. In 2015 we launched on Kickstarter, raising over 100k in just 4 weeks.

  • Riders feedback

    Developed by riders for riders, sounds great, but yes we are riders and we shared DING FL1 with lots of them to better understand what is good and what to change before going to market. We think we got it about right, a light that is great around traffic but also has some punch for distance and very dark paths. With nine modes to choose from, we have all conditions covered.

  • 48 Different countries

    So far we have shipped DING around the world to over 48 countries. From Nigeria to Hawaii and from Germany to Japan: DING has become global. It just goes to show that riders all around the world want to feel safer on their bikes. Customer feedback like “Wow the quality is fantastic to “Thank you for making me feel safer on my bike” is making us very happy at DING HQ.

  • Picking up awards

    It is great to pick up innovation awards and it makes all the hard work worth it. We are only a small business and our passion is all about making premium products that bring happiness to the users. Watch out in our blog section, as we have some exciting news to unveil on receiving some international acknowledgments from around the globe.