DING bicycle lights offers a new concept in bike lighting designed by product designers Design Brains in Adelaide, South Australia


DING provides a safer riding experience at night, with exceptional forward beam illumination and additional downward beam illumination: Innovation and precision within the one light. Be sighted better by all other road users with DING. Light up your path ahead and the terrain below and to the sides of your ride at the same time. 


DING bicycle lights offer a new concept in bike lighting, designed by product designers Design Brains in Adelaide, South Australia. The team at Design Brains have used their experience in Automotive Lighting Design and manufacture to develop a truly new approach to bike lighting. Together with the new lighting innovation, they have packaged it up within a contemporary style. 


As trained automotive engineers specialising in lighting design we have the technical aspects covered. We did not want to design a glaring beam that points a small spot down the road. We wanted a beam pattern that provided the optimum riding condition for both the rider and other road users. Our additional downward beam is inventive and we have applied for patents. Car lighting has improved over the last 10 years, it is now time for bicycle lighting.

Dual Beam Technology

The DING has two beam outputs: one in the front and one in the rear facing towards the ground. The front beam has two separate LED optics providing a wide forward illumination pattern with additional directional spot. It is non-glaring but powerful at 400 lumens. The LED optic facing the ground is highly innovative, the beam pattern produced is rectangle in shape and at over 3 metres wide by 1.5 metres deep, it will provide you with a safe zone of additional light. Having two beams also improves light adaption times whilst riding at night. LED emitters are the highest quality and chosen with a High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) to enhance night vision. With a kelvin temperature (colour of the beam) of 5600k the beams do not have the usual blue appearance often seen, but a whiter light source that enables finer details ahead to be picked up better by the eyes.

The downward beam provides safety and security, making sure you see clearly what you are riding over and be sighted clearly by all other road users whilst you ride. 

The two beams work together, providing a vastly improved light adaptation response time over other bike lights. The close range downward beam source works in unison with the long range beam source. It is the best solution for riding at night because it is easier on the eyes and to be seen from all angles from other road users.

Beam 1

The Forward Beam is a clean combination of wide and spot beam with angle diffusion to reduce forward glare. No light is wasted, all is captured and directed where its needed most.

Beam 2

The Downward Beam disperses into a clear rectangle shaped flood, 3 metres wide by 1.5 metres deep, lighting up the terrain below and to the sides of your ride.

One Button Control

Hold down the GO DING button for one second and you are away. The GO DING button controls all lighting functions, simply scroll through the modes by pushing GO DING until you get to your desired beam output. Five modes are available. The GO DING button lights up blue when everything is cool and working fine. If the GO DING button turns to orange it means you are getting low on juice and it will automatically turn down to Limp Mode giving you 30 minutes to an hour with enough light output to get home safe. The momentary button is easy to use and silent in operation: no complex button designs just a simple robust, waterproof, functional switch.


 Mode 1: Hyper, 400 Lumen Froward, 150 Lumens Downwards     

            Mode 2: Track, 300 Lumen Forward, 125 Lumens Downwards       

                     Mode 3: City, 200 Lumen Forward, 100 Lumen Downwards          

                               Mode 4: Flasher, 150 Lumen Forward, Flash 100 Lumen Downwards      

                                                      Mode 5: Daytime, 170 Lumen Forward,  Fast Flash Downward Beam OFF

Up to 400 Lumens Forward Facing, and 150 Lumens Downward Facing


Long Life Battery

The on-board rechargeable battery is small but powerful giving three hours of use at super high mode with 400 lumens front facing and 150 lumens downwards. The battery is replaceable with the removal of the rear end cap, simply clip out the connector and replace. The battery is of the highest quality and should provide years of enjoyable use without any need to be replaced. (Replacement batteries will be available online at DING)

4 hour battery life in mid modes, Over 5 hour battery life in low modes.

USB Charging

You can also connect the DING to an external power supply whilst you ride (available soon at DING). Note: Maximum input is 5V DC @ 1.5 AMPS. The charging indication light will glow green to let you know you are connected and that the battery is charging. Full charge time is four hours from a flat battery. The green indication light will flash when you have maximum juice.

A 42mm B 75mm C 53mm

Compact & Lightweight

Compact and bijou is the DING and lightweight to boot, at only 110 grams.

The DING is also small in size, but punching above its weight with power. At only 75mm long, 53mm wide and 42mm deep its compact size will fit on most rides with the universal mounting kit that's included.

Made to Last

DING is designed to be robust and last a very long time, we have made sure it is simple in design and modular to replace any major parts.

The materials in the DING are high strength engineering polymers, the stuff of riot shields. Plus we have included a UV protection additive to keep DING looking good in today's harmful sunlight.

The electronics are top notch and only top tier OEM parts are used. DING will undergo certification for CE marking and ingress protection, to give you protection in the worst of weather.

Lets Mount Up DING

DING comes with a universal mounting kit for all rides and handlebar sizes, whatever your style we have you covered. The adjustable silicon strap is Divers Watch quailty and has two location adjustment slots to cover all bar diameters and profiles.With a click of the clamp clasp the mount is secure on your bar. Every DING light also comes with a spare silicon strap to make sure after years of use the DING is still going strong. The strap mount can also be rotated 90 degrees to fit onto some stem profiles if required The DING looks neat mounted below your Handlebar. 








DING FL1 Front Light will soon be available to buy. Look out for our New Website, launching in June 2016

The DING FL1 is everything thing you need in a bike light, everywhere you need to ride.

The DING Engineers have spent the last 12 months developing the successfully Kickstarter funded DING bike light. Over 100 people have been involved in the testing and development; over 30 iterations of design improvements have been introduced. In the last 12 months over 3,000 of hours of testing in both hot and extreme cold conditions, have ensured us, we have a great product.

We do not just want to build a good light; we want to build a great brand.

With now over 800 lumens and runtimes of over 8 hours we wanted to ensure, we made the safest most practical bike light. The two independent beams are better than ever, providing that unique riding experience at night.

Creating an entirely new design meant inventing entirely new technology. We have protected this new technology in over 148 countries with our patents.

The DING FL1 is a high quality, high performance product, in which every single one is handmade and fully tested ensuring years of happy safe riding. 

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